Morningside Cafe: Keeping Hackney sustainable

People enjoying a freshly cooked meal in a café may be an ordinary scene, but something is different about the Morningside Café.

This community café in Hackney serves food uses surplus ingredients donated by market traders and the menus change day by day, depending on what has become available. Its team includes refugee chefs and volunteers.

The pricing system works on the basis of Pay-As-You-Feel principle, which means the customers give the amount they want or can afford.

The founders of the Morningside Café are university students Lise and Francesca, who passionately believe in creating a community kitchen that works to reduce food waste. They have long been aware of the issue of perfectly edible food being dumped in the bin, thanks to their days of skipping. Skipping is a practice of salvaging food that has been thrown away by others, usually by shops or supermarkets.

The café currently opens only on Thursdays and Fridays, but the pair hope to launch monthly supper clubs and cookery classes as a part of the extension of their Morningside project.

Address: Morningside Community Centre, Cresset Road, E9 6SJ
Opening Times: Thursdays, Fridays from 9am-4pm

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