FOODSAVE: Reducing waste for London businesses

Saving food is not only good for the planet but could help you save a bob or two!

The FoodSave project is helping London food businesses to do just that by showing them how to responsibly managing their waste.

A sushi restaurant in Liverpool Street station has saved over £14,000 a year by reducing its food waste with the help of FoodSave.

Moshi moshi
See the interactive version here.

Moshi Moshi sushi restaurant is a pioneer for sustainability, becoming the first restaurant in the UK to take bluefin tuna off its menus in 1998 and win Marine Stewardship Accreditation.

Its founder, Caroline Bennett, is actively involved in a number of sustainable food initiatives and has won awards for her campaign work to protect fish stocks.

The FoodSave team monitored Moshi Moshi’s using the Winnow Waste Monitor System for four weeks.

During the audit all food waste was measured including inventory spoilage, preparation waste, and plate waste.

The report found that 75% of food waste came from plate waste and prepared not served food waste.

Thanks to FoodSave, £209 was saved in food waste costs per week over the course of the project.

Overall 858kg of food waste was saved per year and 1.2 tonnes diverted from landfill.

Caroline Bennett, the founder and owner of Moshi Moshi said FoodSave was “an eye opener.”

“It helped us in quantify that employing an extra chef on a quiet shift was actually more cost effective than pre-preparing food and then wasting it if the shift wasn’t busy.”

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the London Waste and Recycling Board and the Mayor of London, FoodSave is a free service available to all London food businesses.

It’s already helped to save an average of £6,000 per business and aims to help up to 200 businesses by the end of the project in March 2015.

To find out more and sign up visit their website.


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