AUDIO: What’s it like to be a dumpster diver in London?

Dumpster diving in London

In a chilly afternoon, I met Ellie, the founder of South London Freegan group, for an interview at a cafe in Brixton.

It was supposed to be the group’s first meet-up session, but only three people turned up and all of us were a complete novice to dumpster diving.

So as it happens, we bombarded her with questions after questions as we shared her homemade thistle tea poured from her flask.

Then she offered, ‘why don’t we go dumpster diving now?’ So we did.

Thrown out foods are often left on the streets in front of stores - free for people to rummage through

We walked along the narrow roads full of fruits and vegetable stores. It was not difficult to find cardboard boxes or plastic crates laying around the streets – each one of them a potential rummaging spot.

Ellie shared her experience in dumpster diving and her life as a freegan as we looked for something edible we can take.

Two university students who were also with us were trying out dumpster diving for the first time:


 Here are some of Ellie’s best spots to go dumpster diving. Click on the image for an interactive map and the address for the hotspots in London.

Click on the map:

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 1.44.29 pm
Where to go dumpster diving in London

LISTEN for some more of Ellie’s tips:


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