10 Technologies that help you reduce food waste

DumpsterMap.com is an online resource for freegans and dumpster divers worldwide. You can view or share diving spots on Google Map, or connect with other divers around the world.
List version of the diving spots can be found here.


8c8fd02273d2c0024496a750fb2dd351Falling Fruit is a collaborative map of the urban harvest. From plants and fungi to water wells and dumpsters, this is for all you foragers and foresters out there.
You can even search by a type of fruit/tree you want to locate.     @Falling_Fruit


Leftover Swap
Leftover Swap is an app for sharing leftover food that is too good to throw out. You can view the available leftover food around you and arrange for pick-up or delivery.  @leftoverswap



With Handpick app, find dish ideas with ingredients of your choice, explore its collection of food and follow the latest food trend. For Apple users only.



imgresFoodcloud connects businesses with surplus food with charities that feeds those in most in need. Restaurants and supermarkets can use the app to upload details of food they would like to donate. Local charities can receive a notification and can pick it up. (In Ireland only)


Plan Zheroes  is a based community map that also connects retailers with charities. You can also view how often each donors donate their excess food. Tutorials for businesses and charities are available.


Love Food Hate Waste app helps you to plan, shop, cook meals, and manage surplus ingredients. You can also browse recipes and tips for utilising leftover food.


Wise up on Waste  is an app to monitor and track food waste. You can identify when and where you are generating the most food waste and how much you can potentially save.


Berry Breeze keeps your food, well, fresh. By using O3 technology, mould and bacteria are eliminated and helps your food last longer.


Food sniffer is a gadget with an ‘electronic nose’ that can tell you whether the food is fresh or not. Find out if the product is hazardous, has a risk of food poisoning, or has been left unrefrigerated for some time.

2 thoughts on “10 Technologies that help you reduce food waste

  1. Lovely ideas! I’m completely new at reducing food waste and find some of these apps to be very helpful for me. I’m definitely recommending this post to some friends too. Thank you for sharing all this useful information!


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