GUEST POST: ‘Snact’ the new and healthy anti-food waste snack

Mike&Ilana copy
Photography by Ilana Taub

Ilana Taub is the co-founder of Snact, a fruit jerky Snact made from good fruit that is thrown away before it reaches shops. Did you know that we waste 15 million tonnes of food in the UK each year?

It’s because of that reason that my friend Michael Minch-Dixon and I decided to start Snact – we make fruit snacks from fruit that would otherwise be thrown away to tackle the causes of food waste.
About two years ago, we came together with a shared passion for food and sustainability and a desire to do our own thing. So we quit our jobs and set off on a journey to see how we could create a better food system. We started visiting London’s wholesale markets, collecting fruit at the end of the trading day and making it into snacks in our rented kitchen in Hackney.
We then ran a successful crowdfunding campaign supported by 278 backers (or snactivists) which has helped grow and produce our latest and finest fruit jerky! Our fruit jerky is a dried blended snack bursting with flavours made with 100% fruit and nothing else.
Photography by Ilana Taub
And you know what else is great about fruit jerky? It’s perfect to deal with fruit surplus – too big, too small, too ugly, too dark, too light… Doesn’t matter! As long as it tastes great, it’s perfect for us. We also quickly realized that food poverty is a growing issue in the UK (with more than 900,000 people visiting food banks last year), so we started to explore how Snact could address this too. We’re aiming to create employment opportunities for people who’ve been affected by food poverty to help us sell and distribute our snacks.

To this end, we recently launched a subscription model where you can get snacks delivered to you directly. 80 subscriptions in London will help us create one job! If you’d like to find out more about Snact & our subscription model, visit our website and spread the word! Ilana Taub, March 16th 2015 And you can catch Snact at Borough Market on 28th March where their fruit jerky snacks will be on sale.

Snact Fruit Jerky from Ilana Taub on Vimeo.

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