DIY Edible make-up: Turn your kitchen top into a dressing table

Tired of searching for a recipe to get rid of your left-over ingredients? Try using them as part of your beauty regime.

Whilst the average British women spend a whopping £140,000 on cosmetics in their life time, the only thing that will be lighter for you is your waste-bin.

Photography by Su-Min Hwang


GUEST POST: Recipe for homemade lip scrub

Mary is a hip, chic blogger rocking the zero-waste lifestyle.  She writes about everything from fashion, make up, eco-lunches and plastic-free living. I fell in love with her recent post on making foundation out of arrowroot powder, and have asked her to create another recipe for our readers.

Here is how to make a lip scrub just using homemade beet root powder and shea butter:

Photo by Gittemarie Johansen

1. Dry the beet root, either in the oven (lowest heat for 6 hours) or in the sun (5 days)

2. Blend the beetroot.

3. Add soft or melted shea butter and mix it in a container (The recycled container I used, once was a solid perfume that I emptied)

That’s it!

For her tips on upcycling, watch her video here: