VIDEO: Camden to give birth to ‘food saving cookery classes’!

When a friend told me about plans in motion to start ‘food saving classes’ in Camden, I went to visit 58 year old Julie Todd’s home. Along with lifelong friend Jo Bloomfield (55), Julie is whipping on her apron and heading back to school in order to show the people just what’s what in their food cupboards! Julie has been hosting ‘food-saving’ dinner parties for more than 2 years, and is currently on the hunt for the premises to start a series of fun but educational food classes for anyone who wishes to learn. They plan to have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to food waste, and hope to instil these values into their teaching.

Back To Basics

‘You read an awful lot online about storage advice and different food saving strategies, it can be very confusing for someone who isn’t particularly knowledgeable about food’ Jo says, ‘and the truth is, sometimes it just takes someone experienced to show you the ropes, offering face to face advice and hands-on experience about how to prepare and cook food in a more efficient way. That’s what we’ve been offering our friends and family for the past couple of years, and that’s exactly what we’d like to bring out and share with the public.’

A Class Act: The Ladies Behind It All:

Where Do I Sign Up?!

The pair hope to start the classes in time for Christmas 2015. Hopefully Santa will find Jo and Julie’s no waste fruit pulp cookies (pictured below) as tasty as I did! Keep checking this page for details or tweet us @finderseaters_ for more information.



Second Time Around – How Do You Eat Yours?

The Food Problem

According to research by Love Food Hate Waste:

  • Each year in British homes over 7 million tonnes of food is destined for the rubbish pile.
  • This is around 50% of the total amount of food thrown away in the UK!
  • This food wastage costs the average UK household £470 a year.

I decided to create an informal online survey questioning exactly which foods we are most likely to throw away. It should be noted that the survey respondents were a random sample of friends, family, colleagues and the answers generated from web links, as well as Twitter and Facebook posts.

The Results

  • To the question: ‘Typically, how often do you have leftovers from meals made at home?‘ less than 3% of respondents answered ‘Never.’
  • Of the rest that did have leftovers, around 30% said this was because they tend to overestimate the quantities needed.
  • Of those that admitted to frequently having the same foods leftover, a whopping 60% said they are often left with vegetables, 20% with rice, 10% with meats and fish, and 10% with other miscellaneous foodstuffs (bread was one example).
  • Worryingly, about 25% of respondents said that fruit is a food they throw away on a weekly basis. If we took fruit destined for the bin from 1 in 4 fridges in the UK every week, that would make a LOT of smoothies!
  • A further 33% said that fruit they buy is thrown away fortnightly. So that’s nearly 60% of respondents chucking some of their five a day in the bin every few weeks!
  • 49% of the people asked said that bread is another item they throw away regularly – weekly or every few weeks.
  • A whopping 72% said they throw away more food than they would like.

Cook Don’t Chuck!

Not only does food waste appear to be a very real problem in our everyday lives, but often the same types of foodstuffs are being thown away time after time again – when they could so easily be re-used. And often, it’s a simple case of people not knowing what to do with their leftovers!

So I ventured out to ask 10 London foodies their top tips for recipes using those leftover ingredients which, from my survey and general research, appear to be most common in our kitchen! Simply hover over which leftover food you want to use up on the image below and voila – easy leftover recipes brought to you by our fellow city folk!

Want more ideas to cleanse your fridge and store cupboard? Visit LoveFoodHateWaste for healthy plans, recipes and information on storage to keep your shopping fresher for longer.

Not got the food you’re looking for? Email us at or tweet us: @finderseaters_ and we’ll look into adding it!